Top Quality Performance Puppets
Light weight and easy to use, these are not toys !!

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Wild new Band members
Buy them all or any one
Single purchase $99.95 each
Individually 4 of these puppets cost $399.80
Special price for the group of 4 $359.95 AUD
Furry's you decorate
Come with or without eyes
add nose, hair & clothes to suit
$74.95 AUD

Grandpa & Grandma
$94.95 & $109.95 AUD
Heart Man
$39.95 AUD
Cool Guy
$114.95 AUD
The Bibles
Large $74.95 AUD
Small $54.95
5 colors
$89.95 AUD
Farmer Joe
$114.95 AUD
The professor
$99.95 AUD
$94.95 AUD
News Reader
$99.95 AUD
Singing Worms
Various Colors
$64.95 AUD
Ms Mauve
$99.95 AUD
Lennon Look
$114.95 AUD
The Devil
$94.95 AUD
1 Body, 2 Outfits &
Detachable features
$94.95 AUD

Puppets can be any shape or size. To view custom built puppets, click here.