Animal Puppets
Light weight and easy to use, these are not toys !!
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C o l o u r s

hot pink, purple, gold,
lime green, yellow, sky blue.

$104.95 AUD
Fast Freddie will add a new dimension to your object lessons- he can help!
He is a furry human hand puppet (you can operate him just using one hand if you wish)
and will be a welcome regular character in your Children's Ministry as he is very versatile

Click on pictures for enlargements and details

The Curly Dog
The Scruffy Dog
$95.00 AUD
Fur Dogs
- Large with big ears, tail and front paws
Curly (left)comes in medium or dark brown
Scruffy (right)comes only in honey coloured

Singing Worms

$59.95 AUD
Body colours - blue, green, hot pink,
gold, tangerine or dusty rose pink.
Long feather hair - hot pink, purple,
yellow, royal blue or orange.
Click on any worm for enlargement.

full bodied

Sky-blue fake fur,
long legs.
$104.95 AUD
Great for Easter!!

sleeve only
$89.95 AUD

full bodies
$54.95 AUD
Great for Easter!!

Cow (left image)
sleeve only $89.95 AUD

Camel (right image)
sleeve only $89.95 AUD