Puppet Stages and Accessories
The VERY DURABLE Portable Puppet Stage.
This stage can be setup in 5 minutes and packed down in less.

Designed for greater mobility, this stage comes in one piece, and is easy to errect. It folds flat for storage or transportation. One person can errect this stage in less than three minutes.

It is constructed of a durable black plastic which is easily decorated any way you choose.

This stage can come freighted to your door in a heavy duty cardboard box ($45.00 extra) which doubles as a storage unit.
This puppet stage folds up easily, being a one piece construction. With the Velcro straps that are used when errected becoming the handles when folded, this puppet stage is not only fast to 'setup' and 'pack down', it is also easy to carry.

Pictured above is Ken standing next to a blue decorated model (only available in black now) with a second black stage folded up under his arm. Ken is 175cm tall.

Errected the stage stands 180cm; the front level is 120cm wide with side extensions of 60cm.
This makes the stage's total width 240cm and 180cm high. These are the maxium measurements, however, a simple adjustment during manufacturing can reduce the size to your specifications.
Durable Plastic Puppet Stage $499.95AUD
Pictured on the right is
the strong durable material this
puppet stage is made of.
Very durable AND weather proof.

The Puppet House
This tabletop puppet stage is just like a suitcase,
and a whole lot more ! !
It can carry puppets, scripts, books and other teaching aids,
then opens to be a tabletop puppet stage and display board.
* Velcro Friendly
make your own story illustrations,
characters or words and attach with velcro dots

* Light weight less than 750 grams
* Dimensions 80cms X 60cms
* Carry handle
* Large enough
use small puppets from Sonshine Puppets.

* Suitable for use by both teachers and children
* A Glove Puppet Pattern (sample pictured above)
* A Mitten Puppet Pattern (sample pictured above)
* A Sock Puppet Pattern
* 10 Velcro Dots

All this for $174.95

Arm Rods for People Puppets, 2 for $9.50AUD, each comes with rubber band.